1998 ATV Polaris

1998 ATV Polaris
my 1998 Polaris 500 atv runs but I have to leave the choke out, what's wrong ?

It idles kinda rough, but when I push the choke in, it sputters and dies.

Take this from a guy that has taken apart and put back together over 10 ATV, Your carb should be cleaned(pull it out, but leave the throttle cable attached and spray carb and choke cleaners in the holes with and without the throttle pushed. Then put it back, and adjust the idle a little, then if I were you, I would check the spark plug as well. If you need more info just send me a message, I haven't worked on Polaris, but they are about the same as Yamaha and Honda.

polaris xplorer 1998

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