Arctic Cat 250 ATV

Arctic Cat 250 ATV
ATV Loading ideas.?

Alright, to make things simple i got a 38½ ft. long toy hauler with a 12 ft. long garage. I need some loading techniques to fit a 650 Kawaski Brute Force, a 250 Arctic Cat, a 450 Wolverine, and a 650 Outlander...Anybody have some ideas on how to get these in here without tipping one of the big ones up? The closest i came was putting the wolverine on the left, its front bumper facing out, and put some ramps on the tires..Then pulled the Outlander up backwards on the was off by like 3 inches. The Brute Force and the Arctic cat fit nicely on the right of those...Now that i typed an essay can anybody give me some ideas how to fit them?
I really dont want to have to pull a 40 ft trailer with one behind it lol. I know its gonna be tight but if i can close the door i dont give a damn.

No matter how you fit them, its gonna be tight, I would just buy an additional trailer so I could carry other stuff. Its also easier to store them, locked on the trailer.

DS650 and Artic Cat 250 Riding

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