Argo ATV 6×6

Argo ATV 6x6
What do I need to look for when buying a used Argo 6x6?

I am going to look at a Argo 6x6 atv in a few days and there wanting 2,000 for it. I no its got the 16HP Vanguard motor and all 6 tires have about 90 percent tread left on them. He said it runs and drives great said no problems but you can't always believe everything you hear. I am new with these things so I was wanting to no some tips on what to look for, like if there bad for something going out on them just what ever you got to tell me about them, I need to hear everything. Thanks.

Check for hull cracks especially around te bearings/axles where it goes thru . If you can but it in the water and watch for leaks. Examine the belts for signs of wear , there/s a minimum width to measure thickness

6x6 Atvs Max and Argo in Action!

Gates (48G5122) Drive Belt

Gates (48G5122) Drive Belt


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