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The Ingenious DR Power Grader

In the old days and even still today people would use a tractor pulling an open blade to grade terrain. The basic principle was to apply more weight to the scraping blade to get better and smoother result. The DR power grader however takes a new approach to grading.

DR Power Equipment has created a real gem of a machine with the DR Power grader. The grader is to be used with a riding mover, tractor or even an ATV. Just like other graders it is pulled behind the vehicle to smooth basically any dirt or gravel in a yard.  At first glance they grader doesn't seem to be anything special, but when you take a closer look you come to discover the ingenious design of the grader. The graders blade has steel teeth of "scarifiers" positioned in front of it.  This is pretty similar to normal box blade graders.  The clever part of the DR Power graders come in the form of an actuator which allows you to either lower or raise the set of wheels on which the grader is mounted. This enables you to change your grading depth with the simple push of a button.  The remote control used to raid or lower the grader can be easily kept with you in the vehicle you are using.

This push on demand grading enables you to effortlessly grade an area.  You can start by grading only a few millimeters under the surface and then progressively lower the teeth to get the ultimate smooth graded finish. The ease of use and well thought out design make this grader perfect for residential and small commercial application, and with the ease of use it is far less likely to damage your yard or driveway.  In fact if you compare the old conventional graders to the DR Power grader you will see that Power grader is even cheaper.  This coupled with a six month risk free return policy really makes this an excellent option for people looking to invest in a grader. Suddenly all the competition starts to look like antique graders.  Throw in a whole myriad other useful accessories for the grader and you will struggle to find any product that comes even close to this grader.

DR Power has really set the bar high with this new offering. If you are planning to do some grading and would like to get it done properly the first time then investing in DR Power grader would be a wise investment.  With all the positive feedback it has gotten it is hard to imagine how anyone would not consider purchasing this great product. If you don't believe then just go online and read some reviews, they shouldn't be hard to find.


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Kolpin Rear Blade, 48-Inch


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