ATV Ebay

ATV Ebay
need to know if the police can find someone on yahoo with there sign in got a atv off of ebay was a?

got a wheeler i thought was got off of ebay and this man copy there site and bid on it sent money and no wheeler need to know if police can track his user name with a address so can get my money back

OK, I had an issue with a seller on ebay too, and the police were not willing to get involved until several people (9-10) were ripped off by this guy. I was told it had to do with the monetary amount involved. Also, I notified ebay several times and got absolutely NO resolution from them and he is still on there selling his stuff....I also reported him to the cyber crimes division on ebay, and was told it is for tracking purposes, and they only act if a person has repeatedly cheated people. I would file a local police report, and depending on the amount of the purchase, they will help. You can ask ebay to send you a sellers contact info with the telephone number and a verified address. If you can not contact the seller through this info, I would call the police in his/her local area (based on ebay info) and see if you can get someone there involved. Good luck.

1984 HONDA ATC 200S 200 S - ATV - 4 SALE ON EBAY 7/1/2009

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