ATV Financing Companies

ATV Financing Companies
Just financed new ATV. I now regret it, what can I do?

Hi all. About 2 weeks ago I financed an 08 Yamaha YFZ450 for $5000 for 60 months. I just realized that it was a really dumb move because I am so busy with school, work, girlfriend that I will seriously never have time to ride it. I just made the first payment yesterday. Does anyone know if it is possible to return it to the dealership where I bought it since it has been less than 30 days and has about 2 hours of use? Im guessing not, and I am screwed because I've already made the loan agreement with the finance company. Just wanted to get some opinions. I know it's my own fault for buying this out of impulse.

Sorry to tell you but i was in the same boat with an Mitsu Eclipse. You cannot bring it back. The best thing to do here is try selling it. But you may end up losing money on the sale.

As of now I owe $3900 on a car that has no motor, because Nissan blows. I feel where your coming from.,

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