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Buying ATV Trailers

atv pull behind trailersSo, you've gone ahead bought yourself that brand new ATV that you've been eying for the past 6 months, and now it's finally time to bring it back home. But unfortunately, you can't just get up and ride the ATV into town. So, you're probably going to have to buy yourself an ATV trailer to get the job done.

In order to buy an ATV trailer, there is a fair amount of research involved, and there are a couple of things that you will have to consider before you go ahead and purchase a trailer. The Internet can be really helpful when you are doing your research, what with so many hundreds of websites out there about ATV's and ATV trailers, it can be a real blessing.

Start by reading reviews and comments about the different types of ATV trailer manufacturers and models available in the market. Once you are done with your homework, then its finally time to go and check out the different models available in the market!

Things to look out for before Buying ATV Trailers

One of the first few things you will have to do when buying an ATV trailer is to make sure that your current vehicle has the capacity to pull this extra weight of the trailer along with the ATV loaded on it. Once this is done and the results are satisfactory, attach the trailer itch to your vehicle. Learn how to drive, pull and turn your ATV trailer in several different types of surfaces and terrains. Practice makes perfect, and this will come in use when you are out traveling.

Most people don't know where to buy ATV pull behind trailers from and generally end up going to used lots where camping trailers and other outdoor RV's are sold. Do not let yourself get sweet talked by the salesman, as he will try his level best to sell you a trailer that is pricier than you can afford. As long as you've done your homework thoroughly and chosen the right trailer beforehand, then you don't really need a salesman conning you.

Make sure that the trailer of your choice, whether used or brand new, is in good working condition. Make sure that the tires work well and the wheel bearings are in condition too, and it is worth noting that these bearings need to be checked at least once a year. Next, check to see if the ATV trailers lights are also in good working order. Ask someone to help you check it out - and make sure the turn signals and brake signals work as well - you surely don't want to be giving hand signals when pulling your trailer behind your vehicle.

Things to Consider 'After' Buying an ATV Trailer

When pulling an ATV trailer, make sure that the load you are carrying is carefully tied down. The biggest mistake most people tend to make is to use lashings to tie down their cargo, this can loosen or stretch during transportation, making it an awfully dangerous situation don't you think? While buying your ATV trailer, also buy appropriate tie downs that are available in different weight bearing capacities. Always opt for something stronger.

Don't simply assume that by tying down your cargo it will remain intact during the journey. Most loads tend to shift while being transported, and external factors like wind and speed can loosen the straps when you are driving. Keep checking on the straps every now and then.

Have you checked if everything is all right? No, there is still one more item that needs to be taken into consideration and that is of course the ATV brakes! Check to ensure that the hydraulic fluid reservoir is full and the brakes are in good working condition before you load your trailer and hit the road.

It would be wise to ease yourself into driving your truck or car with the trailer attached. Carrying so much weight in the back can really throw you completely off balance. So, practice before you take your trailer out. Within not time at all, you will have mastered the art of driving your vehicle with an ATV attached to it.

Once you've made sure that the tools and accessories are all well maintained and in exceptionally good working condition, then its time to take your new ATV trailer out!

The Most Important Safety Feature on ATV Trailers

The trailer should feel rock solid behind the tow vehicle at any speed. If it doesn't, slow down immediately and get some professional help to correct the problem.  

Choosing The Right ATV Trailer

It's very difficult to make decision to buy ATV trailers, when you see many choices. This article gives you guidance to select a perfect one that fulfill your requirements. There is misconception to use terms trailer, wagon or cart 

Atv Trailer Hook UP

Do not use chains or cables that are too long; just long enough to allow for turning, but not so long that the trailer tongue would hit the ground if it comes off of the ball.  

ATV Trailers – Purchasing the Right One The First Time

Too many manufacturers have jumped on the ATV equipment bandwagon and have converted lawn trailers into ATV trailers by adding bigger tires and a sticker that says ATV Trailer to the side of them. 

By Natasha Bantwal
Published: 12/18/2007
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