Cannondale ATV

Cannondale ATV  does not longer exist.  In 2003 ATK purchased the remaining inventory of Cannondale ATVs. This purchase added ATV's to the ATK product line. Cannondale now sell only bicycles. But you could still buy cheap Cannondale ATVs from eBay.


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Cannondale Speed 440 

I have for sale a superb condition speed 440 quad. It has 48 hp and all the usual cannondale extras, ohlins all round, magura clutch, itp wheels 

2003 Cannondale ATV

I have a 2003 Cannondale 440 atv. it was bought new in 6/2005. it is red and black. has a few upgrades but for the most part it is completely stock. it runs excellent and has never had a problem. Absolutely no scratches or anything. Look here: 

Cannondale engine management system

The following attached procedure describes how to install a calibration file into an ATV equiped with the MC1000 engine management system. as seen in Cannondale ATVs. 

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