Cool four wheeler

Cool four wheeler
is $ 500 to more than a year 90cc four-wheel built 1999 made by the monsoons if so How much should I sell for?

This is a 1999-monsoon 90cc four-wheel big race still ride every week at least once. In air cooled shape.its nice start with good electrec home. It also pumps oil 4-stroke gas (4 hour faster than a regular 90cc). Please, please respond and give a good price for how much it should sell for Why? PS If you think you are intrested in my four wheel please email me at

$ 500 sounds like a fair price for all four wheels. Read a newspaper, check the classifieds. Comparing similar ads. The closer to Christmas it gets the better your chances of selling. I would like buy for my children if not already have one.

Longest 4 Wheeler Wheely on U Tube

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