Find a picture of a four wheeler

Find a picture of a four wheeler
Security camera for outdoor use without electricity?

My father has been having problems with theft on his farm, which is ten miles around from home. someone recently cut through titanium chains to steal your wheels. I'm trying to find some sort of security camera for him working outdoors without electricity. Would have to be sensitive to movement, I suppose, and perhaps take photos or record or something like that when motion is detected. I researched the camera solar energy, but I can not find anything that does not involve too obvious stick and the panel of Mi ... father is afraid to see if anyone of you getting ripped off camera too: (I'm not very smart technology and I hope there is someone out there knows of some type of camera that will work. Any help would be appreciated! Even if only for point me to a good website or electronics store ... Thanks!

This is a difficult question. Much of the theft, probably depends on how land is presented. It was the four-wheel visible from the road? An option can have is something called a driveway alarm: You can buy the alarm input Amazon dollars between $ 15 to over $ 100. So this probably sounds silly, is not ensuring a driveway, but obtaining a general area. You sensors can get close to some of these road alarms. Thus, it is how to connect a remote motion detector that transmits to a receiver. All motion sensors can be configured to send a different signal to the receiver so you know what area is profane: . html I think Amazon sells one for somewhere over $ 100. Now, of course, that only works if you are there in place and you hear the alarm go off. However, no good if you are away. That's where the cameras come into play. If it were me, I hid from the cameras in places where you think people can enter property. If it is a farm, then it's probably a lot of places, but perhaps reduce some. The big problem you will run into the wire chambers or even if you are wireless, transmitting the distances typical in a farm can be a problem. It would be nice if somehow you can get a power source. Your options are at that point, but then as you are saying too, if you spend much money on something that someone might decide to steal too. Hey, there's always a great Pyrenees dog. They are very jealous of her and big. I would not want to go to one. Good luck

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