Used four wheelers in Ohio

Used four wheelers in Ohio
Making a human-driven wheels, "I can travel on the road?

I'm wondering if the construction of a vehicle with four bicycle wheels to be a shell that a person can sit in is going to be about 4 to 5 feet wide and eight feet long. I can mount it on the road? Do I need to be licensed? that will have an electric motor reserved for use only sometimes, its basically a four-wheel bike. something like a recumbent. I live in Ohio, thanks!

With the construction of as large as is anticipated that traffic would be considered a risk weight would be considerable. If its only for a person who would be at its best interest to downsize. Must now be licensed as a bicycle and apply the same rules. If you build that big would be slow to drive like a car. Also needed security features that the cars must be road legal. This would make it heavier and slower. More expensive.


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